Friction Radio 1 Drum & Bass show 2015-05-12 Bachelors of Science in the mix + DNB60 from Etherwood

Friction Radio 1 Drum & Bass show 2015-05-12 Bachelors of Science in the mix + DNB60 from Etherwood tracklist:
Calyx & TeeBee – Long Gone [RAM Records] Redlight – Pretend [Lobster Boy] Duke Dumont – The Giver (Dimension Remix) [Virgin] Matrix & Futurebound – Glow Worm [Viper / Metro] Tantrum Desire – Oblivion [Technique Recordings] SpectraSoul – Shelter (DNB Mix) [Shogun] Dawn Wall – Simple Mind [Integral] Lynx – Chord Time [Hospital] Halogenix – Beyond The Bounds
Breakage – Future (Calibre Remix) [Digital Soundboy] Simplification & Translate – Come Back (Random Movement Remix) [Soul Bass] Fono – Real Joy (TC Remix) [Relentless] Nero – The Thrill (Rene La Vice Remix) [MTA Records] Dimension – Kinetic [Shogun] Bachelors of Science – Before You Go (feat. Dylan Germick) [Code Recordings] BCee – Firebox [Spearhead Records] Phloem – Only Love [Influenza Media] Bachelors of Science – On The Line (feat. Collette Warren & Ben Soundscape) [Code Recordings] BenZel – Wasted Love (SpectraSoul Remix)
AI – Forgotten Truths (feat. Steo) [Metalheadz] Bachelors of Science – Kanto [Code Recordings] Bachelors of Science – Everywhere We Go (feat. Soultrain Locomotive) [Code Recordings] Bachelors of Science – Satisfy [Code Recordings] Bachelors of Science – Morning Sun (feat. Smote & Maria Remos) [Code Recordings] Phloem – Long Gone [Influenza Media] Fin Evans – Set Me Free (Phloem Remix) (feat. Ellen Jo Wright) [Influenza Media] Bachelors of Science – Backfoot Dub (feat. Emcee Child) [Code Recordings] Resound – Overlook [The Lodge] Nymfo – Brain Feeder [Commercial Suicide] Emperor – She Said [Critical Music] Joe Ford – Ve3 [Shogun Audio] Wilkinson – Hopelessly Coping (Rene Le Vice Remix) (feat. Thabo) [Ram Records] Etherwood – Souvenirs [Med School] Etherwood – Juicer [Fort Knox Recordings] Hamilton – In The Air
Brian Brainstorm – Hand Inna Di Air [Digital Roots] Logistics – Ammunition (feat. Inja)
Lenzman – Always [Metalheadz] Dub Motion – Break Free
Voltage – Jazztickles [Co-Lab Recordings] Kasper – Scorcese [Fokuz Recordings] Hugh Hardie – Kytoto City [Hospital Records] Prime Attack – Make My Body Move [Liquid Boppers] LSB – Leave [Metalheadz] Logistics – Triangles
Technimatic – Night Vison [Shogun Audio] Dub Motion – FWD
Dub Motion – Infected [CYN Music] Saxxon And Balistik – Neck Funk VIP [V Recordings] Fliwo – Calling [Liquicity Records] Redeyes – Psychonaut (feat. Dan Stezo) [Vandal Records] Soul:Motion – Sentiment [Rush Records] Urbandawn – Vona [Hospital Records] Etherwood – You’ll Always Be A Part Of Me (Pola & Bryzone Remix) [Hospital Records] Franklin – Colours (Whiney Remix) [Liquicity Records] Legion – Warehouse
Serum – Choose One (Serum Remix)
Mark System – Optix [Exit Records] Arkoze – Reactive [Vandal Records] Etherwood – Hold Your Breath (Spectrasoul Remix) [Med School] Vandera – Sparkin’ Up [Fokuz Recordings] Bryzone – Walk Away [Soulvent Records] Slinky Wizard – Sign Of The Times (Bladerunner Remix) [Hostage Bass] Krakota – Ice Hands
Etherwood – Amen Roadtrip [Medschool] Keeno – Origin [Med School] Boston – Go With Me (feat. Solis)
Whiney – Don’t Wait For Me [Liquicity Records] Netsky – Drawing Straws [Hospital Records] InsideInfo – The Plains
Silence Groove – Get You [Liquid Tones] Fred V & Grafix – Forest Fires (Etherwood Remix)

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