Friction – Radio 1 Drum & Bass show 2015-01-13 DLR guest mix + DNB60 from Exit Records

Friction – Radio 1 Drum & Bass show 2015-01-13 DLR guest mix + DNB60 from Exit Records tracklist:
Novelist – Shook [XL Recordings] DJ Fresh – Gravity VIP [Ministry Of Sound] Chocolate Puma – Step Back (Friction Remix) [Island] Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Sputnik [Technique] Tchami – Promesses (Calyx & Teebee Remix) [Ministry Of Sound] Wilkinson – Hit The Floor [RAM Records] Klute – You Won’t Like It [Commercial Suicide] June Miller – The Promise Ring [RAM Records] Amy Steele – The Wolves (Lenzman Remix)
Al-Thawra – Forgotton Truths [Metalheadz] FD – Change Please [CIA] London Elektricity – Vapour Trails (LSB Remix) [Hospital] Beta 2 – Election [Metalheadz Platinum] Eavesdrop – Past Life [Spearhead] DLR – Seeing Sounds Custom Intro [Dispatch Recordings] DLR – Charlie Brown [Dispatch Recordings] DLR – Django [Dispatch] DLR – The Author [Dispatch Recordings] DLR – Staring At The Ceiling [Dub] DLR – Bad Choice [Dispatch Recordings] DLR – Ask The Question [Dispatch Recordings] DLR – The Grip [Dispatch Recordings] DLR – Los Angeles [Dispatch Recordings] DLR – Raindrops [Dispatch Recordings] DLR – Minds Eye [Dispatch Recordings] DLR – Problematic [Dispatch Recordings] DLR – Empyreal [Dispatch Recordings] DLR – Human Error [Dispatch Recordings] DLR – Control The Sound [Dispatch Recordings] Sam Binga – Lef Dem (Enei Remix) [Critical] Eastcolours – Could Be [Demand] Fourward – Foot Soldiers [Shogun] Frankee – Deep Down [RAM Records] A Break in the Storm – Temptations [Symmetry] Etherwood – Amen Road Trip [Hospital Records] Skeptical – Imperial [Exit Records] Calibre – The Sweet Audio [Exit Records] Skeptical – Elephant Dreams [Dub] dBridge – No Discipline [Exit Records] Module Eight – Ghost [Dub] dBridge – That’s Nice [Exit Records] Fixate – N20 [Exit Records] Resound – Black Hole [Exit Records] Skeptical – Delusions Of Granduer [Exit Records] Resound – X Riddem [Dub] Module Eight – False Positive [Dub] Mark System – Pursuit [Exit Records] SpectraSoul – Melodies [Exit Records] Skeptical – Escape Route [Dub] dBridge – Butterfly Effect [Exit Records] Chimpo – Bad Acid [White] Module Eight – Inspector [Dub] dBridge – The Burnt King [Dub] Calibre – Concrete [Exit Records] Skeptical – After Hours [Dub] Code 3 – Living Proof VIP [Exit Records] Skeptical – Cargo [Dub] Skeptical Minds – Playground Chat Back [Exit Records] Skeptical – Instant Reflex [Exit Records] System – Optix [Exit Records] Fracture – Gripping Lanes [Exit Records] Fixate – Alive [Exit Records]