Friction – Radio 1 Drum & Bass show 2014-11-25 Invaderz guest mix and Goldie of Metalheadz

Friction – Radio 1 Drum & Bass show 2014-11-25 Invaderz guest mix and Goldie of Metalheadz tracklist:
Dimension – Love To Me [MTA Records] Blame – Fall Down [HERETIC RECORDS] Smooth – Savoy Affair [Viper] Mind Vortex – Hotbox VIP [RAM Records] Tantrum Desire – Genesis [Technique] Last Lynx – Blue (feat. Malibu) [Hospital] SpectraSoul – Ben
Mob Tactics – Watch The Beat [MTA] Friction – Chimera [Shogun] DRS – The Puppeteer [Soul:R] Renegade – Terrorist [Moving Shadow] Omni Trio – Renegade Snares (Foul Play V.I.P. Remix) [Moving Shadow] Origin Unknown – Valley Of The Shadows [Ram Records] Firefox – Warning [Philly Blunt Records] DJ SS – Rollidge
Leviticus – The Burial [FFRR] Bug Kann & The Plastic Jam – Made In Two Minutes
Krust – Set Speed
Shy FX – The Wolf
Goldie – Inner City Life [ffrr] Stakka & K.Tee – Orange Sunshine
Roni Size – It’s Jazzy [Ultra Records] Adam F – Circles [Positiva] Roni Size & Reprazent – Heroes [Talkin Loud] Alex Reece – Pulp Fiction [Metalheadz] Apollo Two – Atlantis [Looking Good Records] Doc Scott – Unofficial Ghost
Wots My Code – Dubplate (Total Science Remix) [C.I.A.] Inta Warriors – Inta (Special Forces Remix) [Photek] Krust – Coded Language (feat. Saul Williams) [Talkin Loud] Q Project – Champion Sound [Narcotix Inc] Brockie – Dangerous
Kosheen – Suicide
Seba and Paradox – Move On [Hospital] Mathematics – Jazz
Influx UK – It’s Love
Visionary – After Hours
Calibre – Fire & Water
Fats – Drop It Down [Signature] Dillinja – Nasty Ways [FFRR] Spirit – Outta Control (C4C remix)
Tactile – The Mist
Martyn – Next 2 U
Bad Company – Snow Cats
Ram Trilogy – Huggy Bear
Spirit – Siren
Shy FX & T Power – Feelings (Radio Edit) [Digital Soundboy Recordings] Capone – Friday [Hardleaders] Shimon – Hush Hush
Calibre – It’s [Solar] Dkay & Kasra – Babylon
Jenna G – In Love [Bingo] ST Files – Red Light [Signature] Shy FX – On The Run
Vegas – True Romance (V.I.P)
DJ Zinc – Hear No Evil
J Majik – Love Is Not A Game (Dillinja Remix)
Pendulum – Kingston Vampires
Ownglow – Gold [Pilot] LTJ Bukem – Horizons (Komatic Rework) [GLR] AI – Forgotten Truths (feat. Steo) [Metalheadz] Photek – 3rd Sequence
The Invaderz – The Future
Philth – Cosmos
The Invaderz – Dream Is Over [Commercial Suicide] Crix – Colour Of The Sound (Invaderz Remix) (feat. MC Fats)
The Invaderz – Doublethink
The Invaderz – Addicted (feat. Deleelah)
The Invaderz – Get Gone
Break – Dulced Tones
The Invaderz – Rockers
The Invaderz – Getting So
The Invaderz – Bonesaw
Brookes Brothers – Anthem (feat. Camille) [Viper] Dimension – Move Faster
Culture Shock – Raindrops [RAM] Goldie – Angel [White Label] Ulterior Motive – INTA – National [Metalheadz] Ulterior Motive – Tape Pack [Metalheadz] J Majik – Your Sound (Photek & Digital Unreleased VIP) [Metalheadz] Goldie – Broken Man
Commix – Belleview
Friske – Temperamental [Metalheadz Platinum] Dillinja – Warrior Jazz [Metalheadz] Dillinja – Deadly Deep Subs (Remix) [Deadly Vinyl] Scar – Better Than Me [Metalheadz LTD] Marcus Intalex & ST Files – My Soul [Metalheadz] Mako – Candle In The Cage [Metalheadz] Dillinja – Untitled (Unreleased) [Metalheadz] Beta 2 – Election [Metalheadz Platinum] Nucleus & Paradox – Blade 9 [Metalheadz] Jubei – Patience VIP [Metalheadz] Spirit – Spellbound [Metalheadz] Ulterior Motive – Edges [Metalheadz] Jubei – Distrust [Metalheadz] Goldie – The Prayer [Metalheadz] Break – Headz Up [Metalheadz] Jubei – State Of The Art (feat. SP:MC) [Metalheadz] Marcus Intalex & ST Files – Universe
Jubei – These Things VIP (feat. dBridge) [Metalheadz] Commix – Be True [Metalheadz] Flow Dan – Say Nothing [Metalheadz]