Freak Zone Playlist 2017-11-19 Kemper Norton tracklist / playlist

Freak Zone Playlist 2017-11-19 Kemper Norton tracklist:
Kemper Norton – Gull Rock [Self-Released]
Sarah Angliss – The Bows [Self-Released]
Sophie Cooper – Back To Work [Crow Versus Crow]
Alexander Tucker – A Dried Seahorse [Thrill Jockey]
Time Attendant – A Talent For Looming [Front And Follow]
Kemper Norton – Hungan 1 [Self-Released]
Jam Baxter – Dumb [High Focus Records]
Ship Canal – Square Go? [Self-Released]
United Bible Studies – Tributaries Of The Styx Under Providence [Jellyfant]
Hoofus – Forgotten Places [Self-Released]
Kemper Norton – Dinah Hamlyn [Self-Released]
Chino Amobi – Kollaps [NON / Ormolycka]
Masma Dream World – Elephant [Self-Released]
Moor Mother – KBGK [Don Giovanni Records]
Emily Jones – Bed Of Mud [Owltextures]
IX Tab – Ascend [Twiggwytch Recordings]
Kemper Norton – Imeas [Self-Released]

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