Freak Zone Playlist 2017-06-11 Soulwax tracklist / playlist

Freak Zone Playlist 2017-06-11 Soulwax tracklist:
Ric Ocasek – This Side Of Paradise [Geffen Records] Jerry Williams – This Song [Warner Bros. Records] Roland – Galactic Glides
Tumblack – Vaudou [Barclay] Colourbox – Philip Glass [4AD] Anji Cakebread – Dear Computer [Magnet Records Ltd.] Alan Price – Sell Sell [Warner Bros. Records] Jacques Loussier – Secousse [CBS] Soft Machine – Hullo Der [Tapestry Records] Eric Fraj – Yabumbe [Revolum] Katia – Ich [Metronome] Uele Kalabubu – Matata [International Polydor Production] Shiva – The Legend Of Tutankhamun [DART] Jean‐Jacques Burnel – Euroman [United Artists Records] Cathy La Creme – I Married A Cult Figure From Salford [Rock Steady Records] Mahotella Queens – Wozani Mahipi [Earthworks International] Lydia Tomkiw & Terry Burrows – Pressed In An Atlas [Hamster Records And Tapes] Latin Playboys – Cuca’s Blues [Atlantic] Medicine Head – Rising Sun [Polydor] Jac Berrocal – Rock’n Roll Station [d’Avantage] June – Windom [June] Neil – Cosmic Jam [EastWest] Fadaul Et Les Privilèges – Kalam Al Nass [Disque Fan El Hayat] Lolita Martinez – Persigueme [Hispavox] Max Greger jr. – Die Böhmstory (2. Teil) [Dr. Bohm]

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