Emerald – Residency 2024-05-09 Womxn only tracklist

Emerald – Residency 2024-05-09 Womxn only tracklist:
Alinka – Wild Calling (I Love Acid)
Hannah Holland – Beats Aesthetic (PRAH Recordings)
Serenda – The Prophecy (Love Child Records)
Ladymonix – Welcome To My House (Frizner Electric)
Introspekt – Walk & Serve (T4T LUV NRG)
Eliza Rose – Move To The (Rosebud Recordings)
Dimension 23 – I.M.O.K. R.O.U.K. (Or:La Remix) (Spray)
Saoirse – RM 1 (fabric Records)
Jossy Mitsu – 1997 (Astral Black)
Scarlett O’Malley – Say Yes To The Groove (Kaoz Theory)
Alinka – State Of Mind (I Love Acid)
Elisa Bee – Young Tool (I Love Acid)
Jay Carder – Eva’s Stoned (Faux Poly)
Hannah Holland – Roller (Super Rhythm Trax)
Amaliah – Mespo Dance (Black Artist Database)
Carista – Caught In The Loop (Black Artist Database)
Emerald – Show You (Unknown To The Unknown)
Sally C – Let’s Get This (Big Saldo’s Chunkers)
Scarlett O’Malley – Manifest (Club Cowgirl)
Anz – Inna Circle (Ninja Tune)
NIKS – Badness Can’t Work (B.A.D.)
Lauren Flax – Sweat (Electro Mix) (Super Rhythm Trax)
AK Sports – 5am No Hot Water (Club Glow)
Elisa Bee – In Acido (I Love Acid)
Luz1e – Ridin’ (Shall Not Fade)
Chloé Robinson & DJ ADHD – Just Know (UNRELEASED)
BLACK GIRL / WHITE GIRL – Freaqs In The Dark (Balkan Vinyl)
Coffintexts – I Like The Way She’s Moving (Club Romantico)
DJ Mell G – Borderline (Sally C Remix) (Juicy Gang Records)
Karima F – FHP (Schloss Records)
LaLa – Scot (Brand New Records)
Swoose – Hyphae (Peach Remix) (Feel My Bicep)
DREAMRDREAMR – Zone 4 Booty Call (A Lifetime On The Hips)