Eclair Fifi + FYI Chris – Solid Steel Show 2017-05-19 tracklist / playlist

Eclair Fifi + FYI Chris – Solid Steel Show 2017-05-19 tracklist:
Eclair Fifi
Visible Cloaks – Skyscraper [RVNG]
Dylan Drazen – Mary [Tonewrecker]
Gene Hunt – Fun Times [Midnight Riot]
John Talabot – Voices (Gerd Janson Version Conga) [Permanent Vacation]
Raze – Break For Love (Spanish Fly Remix) [Columbia]
Martinez Brothers – Don’t No Yet [Objektivity]
K-Hand – Deep Down 2 (Claude Young 12 Inch Mix) [Acacia]
Kevin Yost – Messing With My Soul [I! Reords]
Tiga vs Audion – Nonstop [Turbo]
Dukwa – Fries Friends [Numbers]
Etat Solide – No Heartbreaks [Acacia]
Harvey Sutherland – Q3 [Echovolt]
Pierre’s Pfantasy Club Feat. JR – Fantasy Girl [House Musik]
Sterac – Astronotes [100% Pure]
Dee Jay Nehpets – Na Na Na [Dance Mania]
Paul Woolford – Demons [NRK Sound Division]
Umfang – Weight [Technicolour]
Rodney Bakerr Feat. Mystic – House Girl [Rockin’ House/Clone Classic Cuts]
Nocera – Let’s Go (Big Miz Remix) [LuckyMe]
FYI Chris
FYI Chris – Woodpecker Intro [No]
Sarah Williams White – Rainmaker (FYI Chris Remix) [First Word]
FYI Chris – 醉拳 [No]
FYI Chris + DJ Morris – Return Of The Funky Jam [No]
FYI Chris – Silk [West Friends – Forthcoming]
Full Take – All Of This [No]
FYI Chris – Banana Bread (DIY Chris Edit) [No]
FYI Chris – Flat Psych [No]
FYI Chris + Medlar – You Got Me (Dub) [No]
FYI Chris – Morpheus [No]
FYI Chris – Just Atmosphere [No]
FYI Chris – House Dog [Church – Forthcoming]
FYI Chris – Xenomorph [Lionoil Industries]
FYI Chris – PSA [No]
Bikini Atoll – Destroyer Of Worlds [Interlude]

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