DJ Hype on Kiss FM 2016-09-14 Tyke In The Mix

DJ Hype on Kiss FM 2016-09-14 Tyke In The Mix tracklist:
DJ Hype Ft MC Fats – Rinse Out (Gutterfunk Ivy Lab Special) (Dub)
David Owen – Ill Gotten Gains (Dub)
Voltage – Got It (Dub)
PPB Ft Cowboy Ranger – Lion Raw (Playaz Dub)
Dimension – Hydraulic (MTA)
Limited – Lights N Lakers (G Dub Rmx) (Dub)
Aggressor Bun – Roadside (BSE Promo)
Annix – England (Majistrate Rmx) (Playaz Dub)
Sub Zero And Limited – Its Time (Playaz Dub)
AMC And Turno – DJ Hype Dubplate (Titan)
Break – Over Dub (Symmetry)
TI – Deep Within (VIP) (Playaz Dub)
Annix – Contraband (VIP) (Playaz Dub)
Owl Glow – Angel Sings (Promo)
Damage Report – Dat Sheen (Dub)
Alex Perez Ft Skeptical – Elehant Dreams (Promo)
Tyke Tyke Ft Daddy Earl – Blessing (Playaz)
Guv – Survival (Dub)
Hamilton – Bounce That (Ram)
Benny Page – Nah Trek Nothing (Promo)
TC – Start A Riot (AMC Rmx) (Dub)

**Tyke In The Mix**
Wilkinson – Sweet Lies (Ram)
Tyke – Loop To Test At Fabric (Playaz)
Damage Report – Overcome (Holographic Audio)
Bass Shock – Human Torch (Unknown)
Stoner & Ethic – Plaster (Unknown)
Heist – Prosphetic Legs (Low Down Deep)
Tyke Feat Yisrael – Dream Catcher (Playaz)
Tree – Twist Of Fate (Trust Audio)
O Sin – Red Mist (Viper)
Signs – Groove Populsion (Unknown)
Twisted Individual – Gooniverse (Twisted Individual)
Ceph & Lowrider – Blonde Lover (Sumo)
Tyke – Frequency Weapon (Playaz)
Crissy Criss & Wide Awake – Light You Up (Unknown)
Damage Report – Backspace (Holographic Audio)
Macky Gee – Resist (Unknown)
A Sides – Moonraker (Unknown)
Shag – Dossa & Locuzzed (Unknown)
Taxman – Too Bad Remix (Playaz)
Tyke – Consciousness (Playaz)
Danee B – Clash (Dub)
A Sides – Into Time (Unknown)
Lynx – Jungle Side (Detail)
Danee B – Live In Concert (Dub)
Heist & Turno – Information (Low Down Deep)
Dizkret – Hello (Genome)
Sub Killaz – Shock Out (Bio Beatz)
Machine Code – Test Run (Eat Brain)
Heist Broken Down – Low Down Deep
K Motionz – Survive (DTR)
Machine Code – Imagine (Eatbrain)
Turno – Resurrected VIP (Unknown)
Mad Face – Fallen Deep Enough (Unknown)
Hazard – Badman (Playaz)
Low:R Feat Siilhoue – Dreamin (Such Music)
Twisted Individual – Swollen Pineal Gland (Twisted Individual)
Bohemian – Wormhole (Genome Records)
Dosas & Locuzzed – Dance (Unknown)
Damage Report – Wood Chuck (Holographic Audio)
Tyke – I Will Let U Know When Its Finished (Playaz Dub)
Decline & Ignore – Shadows (Formation)
Digital – Luv Dub (Dread Recordings)
Superior Selectionz – Witchcraft (Lockdown)
Tyke – Flying Saucers (Playaz)
Yatz – Mosh Face (Killer Bytez)
Taxman – Nightshade (Upgrade Mix) (Playaz)
Tyke – I Will Let U Know When Its Finished Number 2 (Playaz)
Tyke Feat Daddy Earl – Lose Control (Playaz)