Diplo & Friends 2015-11-22 Diplo Miami Bass Special

Diplo & Friends 2015-11-22 Diplo Miami Bass Special tracklist:
Kraftwerk – It’s More Fun To Compute [B+H Records] Afro-Rican – Give It All You Got [Suntown Records] 2 Live Crew – Me So Horny [Luke Skyywalker Records] Maggotron Crushing Crew – Miami’s Rockin’ Baby
Salt‐N‐Pepa – Push It [Pandisc] B.F.T.B. – Your Boyfriend [Essential Media Group] MC Shy D – Shake It (Remix) [Luke Skyywalker Records] Ghost Town DJ’s – My Boo [Columbia] 2 Live Crew – Get It Girl [Luke Skyywalker Records] Tag Team – Whoomp! (There It Is) [Club Tools] Freak Nasty – Da Dip [Hard Hood Records] DJ Magic Mike – Drop The Bass [Cheetah Records] J. J. Fad – Supersonic [Ruthless Records] Duice – Dazzey Duks [Bellmark Records] B-Rock – My Baby Daddy [LaFace Records] Quad City DJ’s – C’Mon N’ Ride It (The Train) [Big Beat] DJ Laz – Journey Into Bass [Pandisc] 69 Boyz – Tootsee Roll [Rip-It Records] Splack Pack – Scrub The Ground [Pandisc ‎] Bob James – Miami Bass [CTI Records] Sir Mix‐A‐Lot – Baby Got Back [Def American Recordings] L’Trimm – Cars With The Boom [Atlantic] Gucci Crew II – Sally ‘That Girl’ [BCM Records] 95 South – Rodeo [Rip-It Records] 69 Boyz – Woof Woof [Atlantic] Connie – Funky Little Beat [Sunnyview] Freestyle – Don’t Stop The Rock [Music Specialists] Mr. Zim – Peanut Butter Jelly Time [Undefeated Records] L.A. Dream Team – Rockberry Jam [Dream Team Records] MC Cool Rock – Creep Dog [Rock Force Records] KMFX – You Know You Like It
Wink D – Get Busy (MiKe B eDiT) (feat. Candy Fresh) [Insane Beat Records] Tchami – After Life (DJ Snake & Mercer Remix) (feat. Stacy Barthe) [Confession] Mylo – Drop The Pressure x Doctor Beat [Breastfed Recordings/Epic] La Rissa – I Do Both Jay & Jane [Kontor Records] Kelela – Rewind [Warp] Jaded Incorporated – Struttin That Azz
Unknown – Dominator
DJ Deekline & Ed Solo – Touch Your Toes (feat. MC Darrison) [Resist Music] Destiny’s Child – Say My Name (Nitros.Booty.RMX)
12 Gauge – Rump
DJ Smurf – Girls 2
Wuki – Make It Clap
Diplo – 6th Gear (GTA Remix) [Mad Decent] DJ Uncle Al – What’s My Name [On Top Records] Snappy Jit – Mutt Dhatt
DJ Laz – Esa Morena [Pandisc Music] DJ Uncle Al – Bass Is Gonna Blow Your Mind [Lil’ Joe Records] DJ Uncle Al – Keep Dancin’ [On Top Records] 2 Live Crew – Throw The D [Lil’ Joe Records] Trinere – All Night [Jam Packed] Sleepy Tom – Cruise Control
INOJ – Let Me Love You Down [Columbia]

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