Dekmantel Soundsystem – XLR8R Podcast 395 2015-07-14 tracklist

Dekmantel Soundsystem – XLR8R Podcast 395 2015-07-14 tracklist:
01 Brian Eno “Blissed”
02 Mim Suleiman “Mingi”
03 Psyche “The Saint Became A Lush”
04 2AM/FM “Maiden”
05 Liaisons Dangereuses “Avant Apres Mort”
06 Osman Ismen “Ara Muzigi” (Baris K edit)
07 Saada Bonaire “You Could Be More As You Are”
08 John Ozila “Funky Boogie”
09 Carl & Carol Jacobs Jacobs “Robot Jam”
10 Nenad “Bell”
11 Roman Flügel “Spiritual Enhancer”
12 Larry Heard “25 Years From Alpha” (Larry Heard edit)
13 Fatima Yamaha “The Creature From Culture Creation”
14 Milton Nascimento “O Que Voce Ser” (Aroop Roy edit)
15 Wally Badarou “One Day, Won’t Give It Away”
16 Gary Bird & The G.B. Experience “The Crown” (instrumental)
17 Paul McCartney “Secret Friend”
18 Buari “I’m Ready”
19 The Nick Straker Band “Straight Ahead”
20 Chilly “For Your Love” (Todd Terje Re-Edit)
21 DTR feat. Marilyn Sareo “Perfect Essence”
22 Pleasure Zone “Fantasy”
23 M-D-Emm “1666” (Pyro-Maniac Mix)
24 Raudive “Romantic Robot”
25 Gemini “Psychosis”
26 Gesloten Cirkel “Feat Liette”
27 Shiver “Oiled Love’
28 Forgemasters “Track With No Name”
29 Alexander Robotnick “Dance Boy Dance”
30 Arthur Russell “See My Brother, He’s Jumping Out (Let’s Go Swimming #2)”
31 Oltre La Morte “Aia Azure”
32 The Egyptian Lover “Party”
33 Drexciya Lardossen “Funk”
34 DJ Qu “Circuit”
35 Legowelt “Clap Yo Hands”
36 Juju & Jordash “Down To the Roach’ (dub)
37 Jackmaster Hater ‘Drum Track”
38 J.P. Buckle “One For Da Laydees”
39 James “Jack Rabbit” Martin “Only Wanted To Be”
40 Joey Anderson ‘Amarna”
41 DJ Hell “Totmacher”
42 DJ Fett Burger & Luca Lozano “Telegronn”
43 Martyn ‘Hear Me” (Zomby mix)
44 Suburban Knight “Collaboration Alpha”
45 AFX “XMD5a”

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