Corey Biggs – Corey Biggs Presents Music Is The Drug #173 Guest Snakeman

Special guest, white island king of house swing, Snakeman is in the building for the 2nd hour of dance desire explosion. Lets Warm The July Night as the 1st hour , Corey Biggs , takes you 2 flight deep house sweet sexy orgasmic in every beat. Out Today, Corey Biggs – Secret House Elements Vol. 1 – Special Preview in show . Enjoy!

Corey Biggs Tracklist
1. Corey Biggs – Vanity Fair Nightmare (Rockstar Remix) {DC10 Records}
2. Corey Biggs – The Jetsons (Original Mix) {Professional Rockstars}
3. Corey Biggs – Feeling That High (Original Mix) MSTR
4. Corey Biggs – Magnify Within (Original Mix) {Pata Pata Recordings}
5. Corey Biggs – Try Again (Original Mix) {Pata Pata Recordings}
6. Corey Biggs -Just Bloody Brilliant (Original Mix) {Professional Rockstars}
7. Corey Biggs – Rated R Rhythm (Original Mix) {Move U Babe Records}
8. Cross Beat – Gas Mask (Rockstar Remix) {Music Is The Drug}
9. Corey Biggs – Make It Work (Original Mix) {Professional Rockstars}
10. Corey Biggs – The Stripper Mind 4 Love (Original Mix) {Music Is The Drug}
11. Corey Biggs – The Party Virus 4 Danger (Original Mix) {Music Is The Drug}
12. Corey Biggs – I Make U Real (Original Mix) {Professional Rockstars}
13. Corey Biggs – The Pure Ground (Original Mix) – MSTR
14. Corey Biggs – Dance Thoughts R Twisted (Original Mix) {Move U Babe Records}
15. Corey Biggs – Cheetah Appeal (Original Mix) {Proud Sound}
16. Corey Biggs – Trying Not 2 Give Up Myself Feat. Mike Anderson

Snakeman Tracklist
1. Snakeman – Another drum in paradise
2. Alex Costa – Evergreen (Hector Couto Remix)
3. Gastek – Liquideep
4. James Dexter – Little Helper
5. Manon – Inkulu Feat. Nontwintwi (Reboot Remix)
6. Ellroy – Repeal (Original Mix)
7. Philipp Ort – When Im Down (Original Mix)
8. Pele & Nico Stojan – Shifting Down (Original Mix)
9. Sotho Araya Zamora – Helldub (Original Mix)
10. Loco Jam – Delusion (Original Mix)