Carl Cox – Residency 2021-03-08 tracklist / playlist

Carl Cox – Residency 2021-03-08 tracklist:
Fatback Band – Do the Bus Stop (Dave Lee’s London Bus Stop Mix)
Loretta Holloway – Hit and Run (Dr Packer rework)
Mass Production – Shante (Carl Cox & Eric Powell live rework version)
Geradine Hunt – Can’t Fake the Feeling (Carl Cox Disco re cut mix)
Gene Farris – Happy People
Al Green – Here I Am (Jarred Callo remix)
The Jackson 5 – Show You the Way to Go (Gene Farris & Jay Callo mix)
Adi Black – My Last Call
Freak to You – Bootleg
Doug Wills – Dancing (Dave Lee’s 2020 remix)
David Morales – Express yourself
Chic – I Want Your Love (Dimitri from Paris Remix)
Slick – Space Bass (Gene Farris Remix)

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