Benji B Exploring future beats 2017-03-30 Actress co-host

Benji B Exploring future beats 2017-03-30 Actress co-host tracklist:
Kendrick Lamar – The Heart Pt. 4 [Top Dog Entertainment/ Interscope]
Rick Ross – Santorini Greece [Maybach Music]
Budgie – The Only Power [Wildheart]
A.Chal – To The Light [GAZI World]
The‐Dream – Bury
Arca – Saunter [XL]
Klaus – Untitled [Tanum]
Objekt – Needle And Thread [Objekt]
Actress – Lost [Honest Jon’s]
Actress – Caves of Paradise [Honest Jon’s]
Actress – Maze (Long Version) [Honest Jons]
Actress – Xoul [Werk Discs]
Actress – X22RME
Actress – Murder Plaza
Actress – Chrome Mess [Unreleased]
Actress – CYCLO [Unreleased]
Actress – DERAY [Unreleased]
Actress – Dolphin Spray [Ninja Tune]
Actress – Our [Werk Discs]
Actress – Fauré In Chrome [Ninja Tune]
Actress – Image
Never on Sunday – Memories Of You [430 West]
Shed – Outgoing Society [Monkeytown]
Fingers Inc. – Distant Planet [Jack Trax]
Jeremiah R – Evolutionary Algorithms [Unreleased]
Kassem Mosse – 2D [Kinda Soul]
Thundercat – Captain Stupido [Brainfeeder]
Sampha – Kora Sings [Young Turks]
J Dilla – Jay Dee 23
J Dilla – Go
Actress – Runner [Ninja Tune]
Actress – Fantasynth [Ninja Tune]
Segv – Xsy [Broken Call]
Atomu Shinzo – Cool Memories B1 [Atomu]
Tony Fairchild – Was Is B2 Untitled [Unknown]
A2Z – Q Factor
Mr. De’ – Bomb [Electrofunk]
Marieu – T.T.R.H. [Restoration]
Heath Brunner – Photosynthesis Part III [V-MAX]
DJ Assault – The Rapture [Jefferson Ave]
LSG – Sweet Gravity Remix 1.2 [Superstition]
Cal – Poison 999 [Unknown]
Via App – Desert Acid [BANK]
Enrique & S. English – Ribbed Ramp [L.I.E.S]

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