B.Traits 2018-08-25 Bloody Mary, Roi Perez & RFR Records tracklist / playlist

B.Traits 2018-08-25 Bloody Mary, Roi Perez & RFR Records tracklist:
Volte Face – Plus Four ++++ [BleeD Music]
Nathan Micay – Beginning Ballads [Whities]
Auntie Flo – Cape Town Jam [Brownswood]
Fiberoot – Roccodrillo
DJ Hyperactive – 303.1 [4 Track Recordings]
Giant Swan – The Plaque [Whities]
SRVD – NASTY [Rekids]
Kenneth Scott – Let’s Go Program Thomas (The Exaltics in this Twilight Mix) [Vakant]
Ryogo Yamamori – Ochanomizu
Selection Natural – Transmutation
Stephanie Sykes – Sikker [Dyad]
Glaskin – Paralysis [Hotflush]
Nonoftheabove – Old Woman of Ostankino
Look Like – Dream Waters [UNKNOWN]
worriedaboutsatan – They Are In Our House Now [This Is Forever]
Andrew Horrey – Personal Surrender [Other Records]
Batu – Rebuilt [XL]
Oren Ambarchi, Konrad Sprenger, Phillip Sollmann – Panama (Original) [A-TON]
A Hand – For A Better End [Details Sound]
BBRB – Two Policemen (Mr Ho Snake Cop Mix) [FGHB]
Duckett – Looking at Mum Objectively [Wisdom Teeth]
Roland Appel – Speedball [RFR Records]
Skee Mask – Zezbo Version [RFR Records]
Zenker Brothers – Schwirbler [RFR Records]
Jichael Mackson – Zauberwald [RFR Records]
Father Of Peace – Keta Lion (Day Version) [RFR Records]
Lorenzo Senni – XAllegroX (DJ Stingrays Molto Allegro Mix) [Warp]
Audino – Venus Flytrap [Les Points]
The Ghost That Walks – Escape the Curse [Zyntak Motorcity]
DJ ESP – You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do (Muscle Relaxor Mix) [Missile Records]
Steve Rachmad – Chios [Music Man Records]
Hoshina Anniversary – A Cid [JACK DEPT]
L.B. Dub Corp – Night Time Hawk [Mote Evolver]
C’hantal – The Realm (Bloody Mary’s “Power to Arouse” Remix) [Missile Records]
Rune Bagge – Repulsion [Ectotherm]
Tommy Holohan – South Beach Burnin Bins [Civil Disobedience]
Clouds – Future 1 [Turbo]
Juxta Position – Stepping [Figure]
Basic Channel – Q1/1L [Basic Channel]
ARTCØRE [TECHNO] – Gummibärchen [Frieden]
Skee Mask – Dial 247 [Illian Tape]
Exos – Unknown [UNKNOWN]

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