B.Traits 2016-08-27 with Studio Barnhus, PBR Streetgang and FJAAK

B.Traits 2016-08-27 with Studio Barnhus, PBR Streetgang and FJAAK tracklist:
Frankey & Sandrino – Hydrae [KOMPAKT] Gardens Of God – Ghost [Sodai] Beyond The Wizards Sleeve – The Soft Bounce [Phantasy] Wouter de Moor – Tesla Coil [Cocoon Records] Trevino – Slide Away [Hot Flush] Bxentric – Sakura Fall [Nanda Records] Martin Buttrich & Ramon Tapia – Evita [Rhythm Assault] Bjarki – The Lover That You Are
Saville – Effort Won’t Betray You
Planetary Assault Systems – Wriss [Osgut Ton] Jeff Mills – Casa [Purpose Maker] Traits – Breathe Out
Jay Clarke – The Black Lodge [Blackaxon] Tiefschwarz – Downstairs [Sou-venir] Struction – Warrior (R&S)
DVS 1 – Evolve [Hush] Manse – Cymbal Shudder [MNS] Anstam – Albert [50Weapons] Machine Woman – 10.8.15 [Peder Mannerfelt] DBX – Blip [Logistic Records] Point Blank – Meng’s Theme [Brave New World Records] Dr. Schmidt – Steel Mill [Maschinen Musik] Lag – Nemir [Them Recordings] SG3 – Rhythmic Vibe [Tresor] Dario Zenker – Cafu [Ilian Tape] Bambounou – Off The Motion [50 Weapons] Skee Mask – HAL Conv. [Ilian Tape] Blocks & Escher – Broken
Pedrodollar – Ner I Brunnen [Studio Bernhus] Axel Boman – Fantastic Piano [Studio Bernhus] Kornél Kovács – Dollar Club
Baba Stiltz – Baby [Studio Bernhus] Matt Karmil – Moment [Studio Bernhus] Remi Mozet – Paris Is Burning [Love Forever] daWad & Mokic – Mireille Dark [The Exquisite Pain Recordings] Tiga – Blondes Have More Fun [Counter Records] Auntie Flo – Dance Ritual II (feat. Anbuley) [Huntleys + Palmers] Dionigi – Juca Drums [Quantistic Division] Eliphino – Isabelle Road [Joy In Repetition] Saville – The Only Rule Is Work [White] PBR Streetgang – In The Turret [Ship To Shore] Kerri Chandler – Turn Off The Lights [Kaoz Theory] David Duriez – Get On Down [20/20 Vision] PBR Streetgang – Shade

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