B.Traits 2016-06-11 with Alan Fitzpatrick, Traumer and Rekids

B.Traits 2016-06-11 with Alan Fitzpatrick, Traumer and Rekids tracklist:
Felix Dickinson – Flip Flop Licke [Cynic Music] Gel Abril – Optical [Ovum Recordings] Tessela – Up [!K7] Audiojack – Turya
Cassy – Back (Mr Tophat & Art Alfie’s Karlovak Remix) [Aus Music] Trus’Me – I Want You (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix)
Midland – Final Credits [Regraded] PTU – Between Us [White Label] Randomer – Sheen [White Label] Julia Govor – Roma4 [White Label] Christian Smith – Force Majeure [Tronic Music] Arjun Vagale – Indecision (Ilario Alicante’s Decision Remix) [Quartz] Radio Slave – Don’t Stop No Sleep (Robert Hood Remix) [Nonplus] Kamera – Consignia (Truncate REmix) [Phantasy Sound] Audio – There Was A Button [!K7] Dafoe & Amin Ravelle – Giusep [What If] Dani Siciliano – I’m The Question (Ben Vedren Remix) [Circus Company] Tish – Mist [Draft Label] Adda Kaleh – Es Pera (Andre Kronert Remix)
Traumer – Circus
WxT – Bat Walk Mix
Klyne – Dont Stop (Pearson Sound Remix ) [White Label] Tom Dicicco – Extracting The Error
Joel Mull – Slight Munch
Roberto – Velatus
Regal – Pulzar
Kamera – Consignia (Truncate Remix)
Marco Effe – Hidden Fields (DJ Hyperactive Mix)
Cleric – Concrete
Robert Hood – Power To Prophet
Johannes Heil – By Night (Part 3)
Rommek – Off The Radar
Exercise One – Time Trap (Locked Groove Remix)

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