B.Traits 2015-02-14 Jasper James Mixfluence duties + Hodge Futuresonic mix

B.Traits 2015-02-14 Jasper James Mixfluence duties + Hodge Futuresonic mix traclist:
Odesze – All We Need (Will Saul Remix) (feat. Shy Girls)
Good Guy Mikesh – Power Plant
Jad & The Ladyboy – Nambian Gold (Gold Version)
Fantastic Man – Snake Charmer
HVL – Real Command [Transfigured Time] Lando – No Matter (Where You Are)
My Favorite Robot – Glass To The End
John Monkman – Fire In My Heart (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix)
Daniel Avery – Drone Logic (Hodhad Remix)
Mind Against – Pulsar
Jean Agoria – Genesis (Skober Remix) [Redmoon Recordings] Alex Coulton – Freefall
South London Ordnance – Photo Box
X-Press 2 – Cosine
Samuel – Static On The Dancefloor
Tessela – Bottom Out
Peverelist – A Brief Transmission [Magic + Dreams] Peverelist – Edges [Unreleased] Hodge – Amor Fati
Kowton – Glock and Roll
Hodge – Click Bait
Pev & Hodge – 21 Versions [Unreleased] Hodge – I Don’t Recognise You Lately [Hemlock] Hodge & Facta – Spheres of Costa Rica
Tessela – Bottom Out (Kowtons OTT Remix) [R&S] Hodge – Blood Moon
Ed Ed – Louis Lane
Kry Wolf – U Like (Waifs & Strays Rework)
Pavel Petrov – The Chavdar [Keno Records] Traumer – Hoodlum
Carlos Sanchez – Freak & Chips (Hector Remix)
Weiss – Our Love [Toolroom] Roman Flügel – More & More & More (Serge & Tyrell SBF325 Mix)
Kim Ann Foxman – Open The House
Stacy Kidd – You Make Me Feel Like Dancing
Mr. G – Space-Bassed [REKIDS] Paul Johnson – Hear The Music [Peacefrog Records] Impulsion – The Trip (Dj Pierre Remix) [Micronautics] Tres Demented – Brainfreeze [Planet E Communications] Daddy’s Favourite – I Feel Good Things [Go Beat Records] Pearson Sound – Rubber Tree
Also – Dive Prophets
Sabota & Grenier – Two Hands (Sam K Remix) [Mina]