Asta Hiroki – XLR8R Podcast #748 2022-05-17 tracklist

Asta Hiroki – XLR8R Podcast #748 2022-05-17 tracklist:
01. Catch92 “Wake” (Folded Music)
02. Green Tee “Dispatch” (Folded Music)
03. Agosta “Don Alfio” (Space Is The Place)
04. Bugseed “Stronger Far” (Raund Haus)
05. FLOCKS “find, fix, finish” (feat. Ben Sloan & Brianna Kelly) (Folded Music)
06. Koushik “Welcome” (Stones Throw)
07. Tsaik “Hera” (Lost Tribe Records)
08. Fthmlss “Treks” (Aviary Bridge Records)
09. Arms and Sleepers “If I Had Drowned, I Would Be Here” (Future Archive Recordings)
10. Teis Ortved “Cliff” (Bathurst)
11. Kaukolampi “Part VIII” (Wejazz)
12. Asta Hiroki x Tristan de Liege “Swim” (Folded Music)
13. Actress “Walking Flames” (feat. Sampha) (Ninja Tune)
14. Anchorsong “Breathe” (Tru Thoughts)
15. Godriguez “Max Lush Carlos” (La Sape)
16. Asta Hiroki “Her Image In Focus” (feat. Kathrin deBoer) (Jalapeno Records)
17. Four tet “She Moves She” (Domino Recordings)
18. Bugseed “Intaglio” (Raund Haus)
19. Inwards “Mouse” (Small Pond Recordings)
20. Agosta “Ilice” (Space Is The Place)
21. Bon-Psy “Order” (Folded Music)
22. Gold Panda “You.” (Ghostly International)
23. Rival Consoles “Recovery” (Erased Tapes)