Amélie Ravalec – XLR8R Podcast #735 2022-02-15 tracklist / playlist

Amélie Ravalec – XLR8R Podcast #735 2022-02-15 tracklist:
01. Coil “A White Rainbow” (Eskaton)
02. Gross Net “Shedding Skin” (Felte)
03. Nocturnal Emissions “Vegetation Flesh” (Earthly Delights)
04. Buried Secrets “Affliction of the Absent” (Inhalt Der Nacht Remix) (Soma Quality Recordings)
05. Todesfuge “Rose Resistance” (Cønjuntø Vacíø)
06. Restive Plaggona “Beautiful Hands Around Neck” (Noiztank)
07. ANBB “Ret Marut Handshake” (Raster-Noton)
08. Apoptose “Warrior Creed” (Tesco Organisation)
09. Hypnopazūzu “Christmas With The Channellers” (House of Mythology)
10. OAKE “Toturden Giit Chreteen Dwe” (Downwards)
11. Primitive Art “Recall Your Bones” (Arcola)
12. Private Pact “Purity” (Mass Media Records)
13. Bisclaveret “The Pilgrim” (Unreleased)
14. Regis “Epidaurus Live Extract 1” (Downwards)
15. Nigh/T\mare “Doomed to Struggle” feat. Prophän (Thrènes)
16. Dominion “The Queen’s Chamber” (Tragic Figures)
17. SPK “Invocation” (Side Effects)

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